Authentic 19th Century Victorian, Art Deco, Gargoyles, Keystones, Panels, Corbels and related Architectural Sculptures.

This unique and growing collection consists of hand-cast architectural sculptures based exclusively upon, and modelled after Victorian, Art Deco and Louis Sullivan decorative pieces which were commonly used on 19th and early 20th century building facades in New York City, Chicago and other urban cities.

Smaller scaled Victorian elements were used to decorate the facades of tenements in Harlem, Brooklyn, the Lower East side of Manhattan, and The Bronx from around 1880 to the 1910s, while large scaled ornaments decorated hotels, office buildings and larger high-rise apartment buildings built in the 1920's and 1930's eras.


Most of the copyrighted designs for sale here were created by Randall from compilations of photos and personal experience as a life-long gargoyle collector, salvager and professional sculptor.

As a sculptor I specialize exclusively in Victorian, Art Deco and Louis Sullivan architectural ornaments, with a focus on absolute historical authenticity in every aspect.

Here is a random example of my work:

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Client photos using my sculptures in a variety of ways and settings.
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A custom corbel solution for a townhouse restoration project in a historic district of St. Louis Missouri.
IMAGE Corbel project.

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